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------Timeline for some of our projects. [En Espanol ]

...........---- Agenda SOS & Bruce Org: Historical Notes ----

1960: We collaborated in an experimental project to get Down Syndrome kids out of closets and shelters an into the community - with jobs where possible. Success got us invited internationally to share the story. Retarded children then lived to 22; today: 60.
1964: Co-produced "Up With People" (Es: "Viva La Gente") a musical review challenging young people to make the world a better place. It would go on to play continuously for 30 yrs. worldwide.
1966: We were asked to provided a volunteer Economist to Haiti: resulting in a number of social projects in nutrition, pure water, solar cookers, micro industries, educational for at-risk children. We also securing corporate investment and Int. aid money. Our long term success there was truncated by endemic corruption.
1968: We purchased the then leading drama school in NYC + several theatres, and we collaborated with the Hartke School of Drama to positively disrupt "performing-arts" as we had College Campuses through "Up With People": [Apart from winning some artistic kudos, this project was a costly flop].
1970: We published "STREET TIMES" a tabloid for [mostly young] homeless people; it included advice on how to get off the street, testimonies from some who had already made it; a directory of useful local services. 700,000 copies of this free tabloid got distributed monthly in English speaking countries. It was one of the first, and during its life the largest street tabloid ever. Many have followed.
In the financial crash which followed the '73 Arab/Israeli war, formed a 'bank of Last Resort' to help save bankrupting labour intensive companies. Our project helped save some thousands of jobs in the US and Europe, before it was blocked by US authorities.
1976: Formed Agenda SOS International as an umbrella, reference point and protector for our diverse social projects.
1977: Collaborated with Edmund Kaiser in helping to fund and further his projects through Terre des Hommes This was facilitated by the sale of our own paintings from Laussane, Switzerland: through galleries and museums throughout Europe. In this collaboration we also organised and funded an orphanage in a small chateaux outside Grenoble, France.
1980: Spent a couple of years helping to educate the children of Roma Gypsies in the north east of Spain. [this project was mostly unsuccessful - Roma fathers, after initial benefits, became wary of their children becoming educated and leaving the family firm].
1982: Collaborated with a number of rehabilitative communities [ Spain, France, Netherlands] previously homeless people living & working together in recycling projects, all inspired & loosely connected to the French, Abe Pierre's "Rag Pickers of Emmaus"
1983: Served with Amnesty International, Missionaries of Charity Brothers and Prison Fellowship International which led to our developing our own international Legal Aid NGO
1984: Founded the second Emmaus Community in the US: including homeless shelters, soup kitchen, clothes & food banks, recycling facility and paramedical response team. Adopted Ciudad Guzman, a city of 90,000 60% destroyed in the Mexico earthquake. Raised several train loads of relief supplies and building materials, provided volunteers and funding for a decade.
1985: Popular French humorist/adventurer Coluche created Restaurants du Cœur to feed very poor people with more respect and kindness than any soup kitchen anywhere. It was a smashing success, so much so it was overwhelmed and went bankrupt in its first year. In the dead of a very cold winter the poor people of Paris suddenly had no place to eat (all previous soup kitchens had closed because everyone was eating with Coluche, and there would be at least 2 weeks before they could reopen). We were invited to bridge the gap. With a number of Coluche volunteers and friends from Britain and Holland, we cooked up great tubs of stew and with permission from Paris Metro, our teams rode from tube station to station feeding hundreds of the very poor, very hungry. A few of us stayed on to assist in the relaunch of Les Restos du Coeur on a slightly less grand scale than its first year. Sixteen years later we would have the honour of openingn the first Restaurante de Corazon in Latin America in 2001. Les¨Restos" founded by the dear late Coluche have grown to become one of Europe's largest NGOs.
1987: Following the EU Common Fisheries Policy, and resultant diminution of the North Sea Fleet, we undertook to acquire redundant deep sea trawlers at scrap value, load them with tools, medicines and volunteers then sail to the Horn of Africa to provide relief. Once each mission was complete the trawler would be turned over to Emmaus Djibouti, where engines were removed and each ship converted to sail power to be given to local fishing communities. This project was particularly fulfilling, until the complete collapse of Somalia brought it to an end.
1990: Started "Mid-Ocean Project", later renamed: "Terra Marina". Converting redundant ships into clusters tethered together as islands: to be used as refugee transit/resettlement centres, and eventually as experimental floating urban communities.
Reorganised Agenda SOS International and brought together a team to design and implement solutions to a range of social and ecological challenges. Formed Bruce Organisation to undertake educational projects for at risk children in Latin America.

2000: Following a lengthy research project, opened first school for street children, Panama. First effort was unsuccessful. But the next year in
Peru, launched a successful project for educating street children Over the next ten years opened more than 100 informal schools throughout South and Central America (including several in Panama), through which we succeeded in educating more than ten thousand very poor and abandoned children.
2010 - 2012: We entered into conventions with a number of Ministries of education to train their informal teachers and we turned many of our schools over to Governments. Seventeen more we turned over to small independent charities and NGOs which grew out of our projects.
2012 - 2015: We maintained a small number of schools in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. And thereafter will maintain one or two of our Peru schools as a model for others who wish to easily and economically bring street children into education.
2013 - Present: Revisited the "Terra Marina" project in light of the tsunami of refugees and migrants in Asia and Europe.
2014 - Present: Having begun the Caminio de Santiago de Compostela in Paris, October 1975, and added stages from time to time over the next 40 years, undertook to complete the Camino. While doing so encountered a large number of fellow travellers whose motivation and dedication were equal to the best associates and volunteers with whom we had served over time, and decided to form an association with a view to working together. Hence: Knights of Compostela.

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