Agenda SOS Defends abandoned kids, women, elders  & animals
Defending & advocating for vulnerable children, women, the elderly, animals and the environment.
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Agenda SOS International
Since 1976..

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Below are some examples of the more than 150 initiatives we have launched so far this millennium:
Agenda SOS = Age ConcernAgenda SOs / Bruce ORg = Majon UniversityAgenda sos / Bruce Peru = Aloe Vera PeruAgenda SOs = Street Kids PageAgenda SOS = International Legal AidDirectory of Childrens CharitiesSocial Service RadioBruce Peru  = Soup KitchensBruce PEru = Defending the culture & Rights of indigernour peoples  = Bruce ORganisationBruce Org. = Abandoned Mothers forming a self help corps.Bruce Org. = jobs for asbandoned mothersWoen´s Issues, abandoned women = help from Bruce OrganisationAnimals Best FriendAdvocating and campaigning for the right to education among  LAtin America´s poorest peopleRescuing abandoned pregnant teens, helping adolescent rape victomsEradicating Poverty through Microfinance and microenterprise projectasAgenda SOS = Emmaus / Emaus InternationalAgenda SOS / Bruce Org. = OrphanagesAgenda SOS/Bruce Peru  sponsor the English Club Peru, where English speaking people meet to converse (Patroned by British Consul)We live to help the poorest kids, we should both be dead but for serendipity"SOS PERU" our first banner, now taken away - but our work remains.Neither attract nor repel: free to be of use when I am needed.We thought they wanted to volunteer, but they just wanted to travel: so we let them.What a fuss they made.Don`t know what we were thinking when we got involved in this project.Indy Schools is an invitation for someone to do the same as we, withougt having to use our name.Volunteer Force is another  invitation for someone to do the same as we, withougt having to use our name.
Below: links to some of the NGOs with whom we collaborated during the last four decades of the 20th century (& continue)
VSF- Volontaires sans rontieres - VOLUNTEERS WITHOUT FRONTIERS
The long goodbye in SwitzerlandThe long goodbye in GreeceLong Goodbye in the USAThe Long Goodbye Ney in the UK
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