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We are Pro Bono Litigators serving the poor.
"Our client is always the plaintiff"
Legal Aid International is a clearinghouse for the annual pro bono work of successful litigators worldwide. Our work is exclusively in the English language*. We only accept litigators who are highly rated in their national law register for success on behalf of plaintiffs (i.e. Martindale-Hubbell, USA). We only accept clients with cases in these fields: discrimination, abuse, fraud, slander/liable/defamation, infringement, environment, deception, breach of promise, democide, enslavement, dispossession (we do not accept cases involving product or medical liability). We only accept clients such as these:the poor - individuals, communities, states, tribes; small charities and minority businesses. Our services are free.
We thoroughly screen all litigators who serve with us. We investigate and means test potential clients and prove all available evidence prior to accepting any case**. If your particulars do not match what is written above, please do not waste your time nor ours.
If LAI takes your case: you should receive justice


We now accept Student Voluntees in some projects.
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 * LAI has bilingual support in some non English speaking countries. 
 ** "" is our investigative and case evaluation arm.