Gap Year Volunteer Opportunities in Peru
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Gap Year in Peru helping Street Kids while having fun
As a volunteer you will help Street Children

New shoes for bare feet

Click on image to see a day in the life of our volunteers

They need you !
You will help us feed them, clothe them, care for their health and housing and most of. all you will help us befriend them and educate them. It entails lots and lots of fun, gratifying hard work.
Some of them are set to become webmasters hoping to earn their living from the world wide web, an industry which does not rely on Peru's empoverished economy.
We introduce them to art, dance, theatre music, some of which result in shows like this bellet.
We are building a shelter for abandoned pregnant adolescent rape victims. Foreign students have already helped.
Educating them is our highest priority - here a gap year student from Amsterdam gives private lessons to a little girl who can't wait to start school
One of the worlds's endangered species?

Our campaign: "DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR STREET KIDS!" is still working in centres where lots of international tourists are encountering 's child laborers on a daily basis.The object of the campaign is to recruit volunteers from the tourist population who visit each year

And you can take time off to tour the country

Machu Pichu

South American Explorers Club
(where every serious exploration of this continent begins) Our volunteers receive a 40% discount on Explorers Club membership.

Luxurious Peruvian Buses
Go anywhere in luxury and economy with one of the worlds' best bus systems.

Participate in our new show, being produced to challenge the idea that Peruvian children should work rather than go to school - then travel with it around the country.

Exciting places to see
Peru is three countries in one: a tropical rain forest in the north east, the high Andees running right through the center and the coastal deluvial plain on the west. And two histories: the Inca and earlier cultures with many archiological sites to enlighten today's visitor; and colonial Peru from when it was the heart of Span's the Americas. Trujillo, where our campus is located, is perhaps the best preserved Spanish colonial city here. In Peru every city, town and region celebrates several fiestas each year - always something colorful and fun going on somewhere in Peru. Most of our volunteers come with a plan to work for awhile then go travelling. Those who join the Explorers club are given access to things closed to tourists and discounts at many hostals etc.Others take off a few days here and there to tour, using our campus as a center, working while here.

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