n loving memory of
Julio Bedoya Huerta
Mercado & George Philip Walker III Provided by http://.BoulderFinancial.com
Photos of our Chimbote Children, Staff, Original Centre, and the Schools where we have one of their classrooms for our programme for children-not-in-school.

Opening day of Alexa School, Chimbote
Bruce Peru satellite school,

12 June 2006

Getting to grips with their fisst lesson

Bruce Peru satellite school,

Half party/half class session

Parents sharing in first day of their
childrens opportiunity to get educated

Bruce Peru satellite school,

Parents wait during first day of class.

09 June Recruiting Needy Children
Recruiting Children for first Chimbote class

Bruce Peru satellite school,

Contracting teacher & School
The good school, Fe y Alegria #14, Chimbote

Renting our Centre - Decorating it
Office/ reception of our Chuimbote centre

Located near to the Cathederal
1 June Buying furniture
One of the bedrooms in our Chimbote centre

Bottom part of a bunk bed
Making it livable
Dining area in our Chimbote centre

Where our children live in Chimbote
Where our poor children live