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Opening New Chiclayo Schools
( in new method of working within Ministry of Education)

Operating under contracts with three State Schools in the Chiclayo area, we opened our Summer programme 9 January 2006. Soon we were teaching and helping 70 children in the poorest barrios of Chiclayo. Bravo to our new streamlined team of international volunteers, Nana, Hunter and Evan; among the Peruvian staff we have some welcome faces from last year, and of teachers we now enjoy the best we have known so far in Chiclayo.

Paty, Margot, Timoteo (School Director), Hunter, our principal International Volunteer with 32 children at Culpon. Nana, Project Coordinator of Bruce Peru Chiclayo & Ana Tere.
Casa Blanca students with our very effective teacher there.
Some of the children at our new schools in Chiclayo and Lambeyeque.
Our programme to find and provide education for the poorest children in the Chiclayo area has been operating for 6 months now. During this time we have brouht more than 150 children into our classes. We have opened three of our own little shanty schools, and now moved them into premises of th Ministry of Education. We feel Chiclayo has the potential to rival Trujillo for the number of extremely poor children we are able to help and educate.
Our New teacher in Culpon, Ana Tere, Alejandor (Director of the School), Evan, our principal International Volunteer there..
Margot,(social Worker), Victor (School Director), Teacher, Nana (Our Chiclayo Director), Ana Tere and Bruce..
Natiional School 10112, located in one of the poorest parts of Lanbeyeque, where we are now preparing children to enter school for the first time. this season is our most productive.: