Bruce Peru Centre
in Chiclayo
Front View
The city of Chiclayo is filling up with people faster that the construction of new houses can keep up with. For this reason we had more trouble finding a suitable house in the city centre for our project in Chiclayo than in any other city in Peru.

Side View
We finally located one suitable property, but it belongs to a Doctor who only lets to friends. By the end of a day with us, during which time Ana Tere presented her cousin, director of one of the city's principal medical centres, he not only decided we were friends and rented us his house, but also volunteered to treat all our children with TB (his specialty) for free, as one of our volunteers.

Founding volunteers
We want to thank those who helped us open our project in Chiclayo: Mark Howard, our friend in Cajamarca, Peru; and Emily's Charities, of England (given in memory of Emily Harris, an Oxford student who volunteered for Andean children in 2003).