Bruce Peru: Educating Street Kids
Todo Por Los Niños, de la calle
Information & links pertaining to our work with At Risk Children

After three years of trial and error we finally got it right, developed a system for successfully educating semi abandoned children.

Some videos showing different aspects of our work


Example of one group of our children.

(one of over 200 such groups)

We invest two years to get a child who has never been to school to become a normal student.

Recognition we receive from the Government. We believe this is to disuade us from pressuring them to do this work on behalf of 26% of their children not in school.

Vocational and special education projects


We have opened more than 90 schools in 11 cities in three countries - most are shanty schools, none permanent. By this means we have gotten over 4,000 out-of-school children into education.

We have followed
street kids
into prison:
in order
to educate them.

When street kids
are raped
In enter the search phrase "Educate Street Kids". Result: often several of the first 10 returns will be pages to do with our work.
Note: For mothers who are too desparately poor to let their children stop working and go to school, we have projects to help them earn their own living so their children no longer have to work in order for the family to survive..