..An earthquake in a small country where our founder had served early in his career, Haiti, and then another followed by a tsunami in a part of Latin America where we have opened schools: exposed our lack of preparedness to contribute in such emergencies. We had no effective plan for getting our schools reopened right away. We here hope to correct this. Not only can we now get our own schools operating again within a few days, we can also stand in for state schools which are likely to be closed for many months. We can place our portable schools near to a collapsed or damaged national school or else in a refugee camp if the stricken community is temporarily uninhabitable.
..The principal limitation to how many portable schools we can open how quickly is the cost of each SCHOOL-IN-A-BOX
[$2,000 US] and the cost of operating each individual SCHOOL-IN-A-BOX per month [$700 US] for up to one school term. We have sufficient trained, mobile staff and we use local teachers in country. Each SCHOOL-IN-A-BOX is made from an air cargo container - each folds out to make a temporary school able to accommodate up to 30 children - with two daily shafts = 60 children. Each SCHOOL-IN-A-BOX is designed to last for up to one year, and can double as a shelter at night. We ship them from Lima airport.
..So far we have opened 63 schools throughout Latin America: [Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Venezuela]. It takes between two and four weeks from request to fully functioning school [the shortest time so far is one day]. So here we are, standing by, ready to respond. Call us, SKYPE us or email us:
Call: +51 44 949924445 (or +51 44 202141) SKYPE: "agendaint" , Email:

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SCHOOL-IN-A-BOX is a collaborative effort between: Agenda SOS International, Bruce Organisation & Volontaires Sans Frontieres