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Bruce Organisation & Volunteers Without Frontieres are part of Agenda SOS Int.
Through them we feed, clothe, heal, and educate street children in Latin America; converting child laborers into students; helping pregnant teen rape victims; eradicating poverty by helping some of the poorest women own businesses. We are dealing with family violence, we are promoting woman's rights. Wherevr in the region there is a disaster - there you will find us attending its victims. By helping us you will be enriching the lives of some of the poorest most abused children, mothers, fathers and families throughout Latin America.

A bank to bank transfer is the least expensive method of donating:
  Bank transfer to: Bruce Organisation
Account No: 0011-249-0100087450-1
Bank Name: Banco Continental

Address: Jr. Pizarro 620, Trujillo, Peru

Contribute so Bruce Peru can educate street kids

Here is our preferred way of receiving donations
Western Union
wire transfer
to: Ana Teresa Rosell
Legal Representative, Agenda SOS International, Inc.]

Address: 387 Av. Larco, Trujillo, Peru
Telephone numbers: + 51 44 949924445
51 44 202141 / 51 44 949924252
(If you choose this method, please send us an email notifying us of your payment, the amount, date ordered and Western Union transfer number) - Email:
Bruce Organisation is a properly constituted Peruvian charity in good standing Official Public Registry No.
is: 2352

Agenda S.O.S. International, Inc. is a U.S. non profit Tax exempt charitable
institution with tax deductible status under section 501(C)3 of the US tax law.
Id No: 52-2005966

If you require further information:
Tel: + 1 202 362-5056 or Email: