the planet will survive....what lives on its surface may not



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AIDS victims
Now deceased

Last year the UN estimated there are now 200 million slaves in the world.
To put this into perspective, during the four centuries slaves were trafficked from Africa to the colonies, best estimates put the number of victims at 12 million
If money was spent last year to stop this and save the victims, it is unrecorded

Last year 4 thousand people were killed in acts of terror, and we spent 370 billion dollars persuing the presumed perpetrators.
Last year 15 million starved to death, children mostly. We spent 8 billion trying to save them. While 800 million are still undernourished..
Last year 4 million died of AIDS leaving 6 million orphaned children behind. The UN asked for 10 billion dollars to fight it.We offered 4 billion, and have not yet paid up. The clock ticks for 40 million yet living with the AIDS virus.
starving child
Starving child
in Ethiopia, 800 million more wait at death's door.
child forced prostitution
Chid Prostitute, they exist everywhere, but 70% come from poor countries.
Last year 10 million children were forced into prostitution (UNICEF estimate). If money was budgeted to save them, there is no record of it.
Last year 4.2 million died from TB, while we spent 645 million to combat it. WHO estimates 2 billion (1/3 world population) have the disease.
TB victim
TB sufferer
We included here recent realities of life in our global community today. As for causes. they are numerous: from overpopulation, trade inequities, corruption, intolerant ideologies, religious rivalries, greed, ambition, incompassion, unwillingness of proud democracies to submit to the international democracy: the United Nations.
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malaria mosquito
The Malaria Mosquito
sex slaves
Tricked, trafficked & forced into prostitution
emocide Victims of Democide

Last year 3.5 million people died of Malaria. 85 million was spent on research to prevent it, 400 million catch it each year, it is the disease that kills more children than any other..........................
Last year, the United Nations estimates, 4 million women were forced (through lies and coercion) to become slave prostitutes. There is no estimate of the amount of money and resources we spent to find and free these victims, but everyone accepts it was very little
Last year approximately 1 million people died by democide (state terror, Government executions, genocide, mass murder). Much of it was predictable, but almost nothing and no money was invested to prevent it.

street children Last year there were over 100 million homeless children on the Earth. Next year there will be more. Governments are not doing much to help them. NGOs are doing what they can, but they are too few with too few resources. If we care enough to help them we must demand that our elected governments put doing so on their egenda. And then act.
Something is coming
.The tally:
Terror victims, 4,000, Funds dedicated to save them, $370 Billion Victims of Pandemics & Mass Crimes (AIDS, Malaria, Tb, Slaves, Trafficed women & child prostitutes, Democide, homeless kids) - Victims, 347 million. .Funds dedicated to save them - $12 Billion
Earth words, this year: "Man, o man, little you, dream, and when you dream: dream of me. And when you wake look at me - take a good long look. You will see an enemy now. Yes, I was your friend , but now I am your enemy.You made it so. You hurt me and I am angry. You drain my resources, abuse me, scorn my hospitality and I have had enough. If you are ignorant enough to commit mass sauced, no point in letting you take me with you. So either change or get off.

I recently dreamt of you. In my dream I let go of gravity - I was angry and it seemed the simplest way to get rid of you. You're killing me, you know? In my dream I awoke in time to call the animals back. I called you too but you were singing your way through space, something about rapture. Silly you. Can't say I won't miss you, can't say I will either: the friend you nearly slew.

I sometimes ask myself what went wrong. I think you thought I was Budist, and you walked all over me. When I first gave you leave to share my bounty you believed you belonged to me; as indeed. Now you feel I belong to you.
To you!
I will close my eyes and count to ten. If you change you may stay." bruce

When we were 2 billion people I heard somoene say,
there is enough to supply our need,
but not to satisfy our greed.
Greed for MONES makes the world go round, killing it a little more with each turn.
The need now is to supply 6.5 billion people, but the greed of a few makes it impossible to satisfy the need of the many: so trouble comes....