Volunteer prepayment
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Getting from Lima to Bruce Peru (Hotel/Bus)

How to get from the airport in Lima to Bruce Peru in Trujillo:

1- Reserve a driver to meet you at the airport and take you to your bus-connection or hotel. We use 2 safe and reliable chauffeurs - Leonardo Moya. Leonardo & Rauel Iñahosa - one of them will be waiting for you with your name on a sign when you come out of customs. Make your reservation directly with him via email: leitomovil@hotmail.com: Give your name, say you are a Bruce Peru volunteer - give your arrival date, time and flight number. The charge S/60 (roughly $25, or a little more depending on how long they have to wait for your flight to arrive - they only goes to the airport to collect our volunteers) to meet you and take you to your hotel or (if the hour fits the ITTSA Coach schedule) take you directly to the Bus Terminal & help you make a reservation for one of the next departures for Trujillo. If your arrival is too late to get right on a coach to Trujillo, or if you want to stay over in Lima before going up to Trujillo: the next day the hotel staff will put you in a safe taxi and give him directions to your bus terminal. NOTE - If you reserve Leonardo/Rauel and then you do not turn up, you will be billed $20 -because it means one has gone out to the airport and spent 2 hours for nothing..

2 - (A)(assuming your international flight arrives at night, it will be too late to catch a bus to Trujillo until the next day, you will need to spend the first night in Lima) Reserve a hotel room for the night. Below are two hotels in the best and safest part of town, which give our volunteers a discount. Make your reservation via email.
.....(B) If you arrive early in the morning, then we recommend that you get Leonardo to make a reservation for you on the 1:PM bus to Trujillo.
.....(C) If you arrive in the afternoon or evening, then we recommend that you get Leonardo to make a reservation for you on the 10:PM bus to Trujillo.

3 - .
Reserve a seat on the bus from Lima to Trujillo.
Either do this with the help of Leonardo (the trusted taxi driver), or when checking in at your hotel be certain (immediately after checking in) to ask the hotel staff to reserve your seat on the ITTSA bus (presumably for the next day) - this can only be done once you are in Lima (because buses in Peru require payment within 24 hours).*

4 - Either the morning, or the morning after you arrive in Lima and have your bus reservation, please call us at this number: (044) 949924445 so we can have someone meet you at the ITTSA terminal in Trujillo.
Note, if the hotel staff can't get you on an ITTSA bus, ask for a seat on the bus company 'La Linea' it is a little more expensive, but also safe and punctual (we only pick you up if you travel with one of these two bus lines, and take their direct services - departing Lima at 1:PM and 10-10:30PM).*

Larco Suites Calle Independencia 1288 Miraflores, Lima, Peru (Here is the nicest hostal we have dealt with so far in Lima) (Go to their website and your accommodation. http://suiteslarco656.com/en/). E-Mail for reservation: administracion@suiteslarco656.com
Tel: (51 1) 519 1700

* Important - If you travel with any other of the dozen of so bus lines which serveTrujillo from Lima, you risk arriving up to 3 hours late, and you will need to take a taxi from their terminal to our center - Jr. Bolivar 259 Apartment 7(two and a half blocks from Trujillo's main square - Plaza de Armas). [NOTE: Usually, after several seasons of volunteer stays, we renovate the Bolivar Apartment: at these times volunteers will live at 385 Av. Larco, Trujillo- just ring the doorbell]

NOTE: If you find the above arrangements too expensive, or if you are an experienced traveller in Peru, you can always take an ordinary taxi at the airport or even a bus (at your own risk),