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After several years of trying we opened our first school in Arequipa. CLICK

Our campaign to get the National Government of Peru to recognise the large population of Peruvian children who are not receiving education, and to do something effective to get these children educated. [We are offering our own successful progects as one example] is now being launched! CLICK
We are honoured and grateful that so talented and motivated a team have come together to direct and people this campaign.
New Bruce Peru Centre, Miraflores, Lima, Peru This month we hosted a medical team from the USA,, here to treat some of our poorest children. They held clinics in 7 of our neediest communities, treating over 100 children each day. More than 700 patients treated & saved at least 2 lives.
Volunteer life at Bruce Peru's Volunteer Life at Bruce Peru - Photos of volunteers who have served or are serving at the various centres of Bruce Peru. Also photos of some of our children in class, & at play.
Our artistic volunteers in Lima find new ways to annimate our students Orohan girls in Chiclayo helped by Bruce Peru volunteers
Puppet show in Lima
Bruce San Sebastian Vs Bruce Santiago in basketball Sports day in Bruce Peru Huaraz
Bruce Peru children studying to be ready to enter school
January through March (summer holiday down here) we prepare 5 and 6 year old children - those who are so poor, abandoned or abused they would not be able to go to school if we don' find and help them..We give each centre a target of how many children we expect them to get into school. For March 2006 the target will be 350 - 400 children.
Our "DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR STREET CHILDREN" icampaign s catching  on.
Our campaign: "DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR STREET CHILDREN!" is still working in centres where lots of international tourists are encountering Peru's child laborers on a daily basis.The object of the campaign is to recruit volunteers from the tourist population who visit Peru each year,
Note: So far all 185 children we enrolled, none of whom were bound for school before we found them, are still attending. One boy in Cusco has even been voted best student in his entire school, another, in Trujillo is a maths genius.
Follow up is paying off for Bruce Peru kids already in school
Many children not in school live in the White City of Arequipa: Peru's second largest city.
With a little help from our friends we intend to open our project in Arequipa, within the next few months - where our volunteers will go out to satellite centres in the Arequipa's barrios, and there they will help some of the Ande's poorest children.
It takes 2 Years !. When we find a child, convince the mother to let us get him or her educated, take them into our little school, give them their first lessons; finally get them up to the level of education for their age, and matriculate them into a state school (paying for uniforms and all expenses): our work for that child is only just begun (2 years)
Above are club meetings 7 June 2006
NEW Bruce Peru Centre in Cajamarca 05.10.2005
We continue to work with each child, and will do so for the next two years. Visiting every month for a "Club Meeting" , at which we monitor their progress, give prizes, work with their techers, our Social Workers see how things are going at school, at home: and we pay for wehatever their parents cannon or will not. We do this for two years.
Bruce Peru opens to help the poor children if Chiclayo The Ministry of Education have invited us to install our little schools for very poor children within sellected primary and secondary schools. We have agreed to operate a pilot in one school, and if the relationship works: will consider others.
Full storyBruce Peru Volunteers open Palmeras Children's Centre 01.05
The suffering of our children does not make the evening news Our children were not in the Tsunami (though one of our volunteers survived it).This is a parabole - In the same way the Tsunami captured the news headlines and the whole world got involved, yet the same number of lives are lose each week to starvation: which goes unreported: so it is with our chidren. The whole world knows about "street children", most people have seen them - if only on TV - and there are NGO's set up to help (though of course they need lots more than this). The category of children we serve far outnumbers those who live in the street, and they are almost as badly off. So why does the world not know about them? Because they sleep under plastic or in a woven mat shelter in utter poverty with uncaring or abusive parents - they must find their own food, get their own clothes; they don't go to school: they are abandoned in their own homes. That's why the world does not know about them. But we know they are there, that they suffer, and we have come to find them, to help.
Won't you join us!.
Paying homage to some recent volunteers at Bruce Peru Celebrating the contribution special volunteers have made to the poor children of peru. Our program is beeing led by a team of talented dedicated and fun volunteers. In the next update we hope to be able to include more volunteers who deserve to be here.
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Street children need  help...... Street kids,
..........They come to us they are;
we make of them
..........what they let us
they crave love, need direction......ready for school